The Assassin​


Agents, our systems have been shut down, and we need your help!


We need to track this individual, firstly we need to find out his name and then where he is hiding out. 

Are you up for the job? 

He is leaving a series of clues wherever he goes! It's your job to find these clues and catch up with him

  • You need to use google to find out the answers to the clues! Some sites that will help you out are google, google maps, facebook, twitter etc...

  • You will need to have good general knowledge how to use google and the internet as the only way to solve these puzzles are using the internet.

  • Time yourself to see how fast you are, Set a timer to keep track of progress. 

  • All passwords must be typed in lower case letters.​

  • Click on the "Hint" button if you want to receive a hint.

  • Find out the current location of the unnamed assassin to complete the game. 

  • Keep the treasure hunt tab open, and use other windows to search and find the answers.

  • Play with friends at the same time on facebook messenger, face time or a Zoom meeting.

  • Be sure to make a note of all the answers just incase you need to re enter them or if you need them later on.