Who else subscribes to Sport Edge Newsletter?

Sports fans, not dissimilar to you! Our readers enjoy sport content but want more substance than transfer rumours and athlete scandal. Sport Edge details the factors driving the industry forward and provides readers with the inspiration to make changes in their own businesses.

When will I recieve newsletters?

Subscribers recieve their newsletter every Wednesday, with occasional interviews and guest pieces intermittently

Why should I pay for a newsletter?

Fair question! There is an abundance of free content out there and for the overwhelming majority of fans that is sufficient. Our subscribers seek to stay ahead of that majority and want to take inspiration from sport's greatest innovators to influence their own businesses.

Where can I find newsletters from previous weeks?

Sport Edge Weekly Newsletter is hosted by Substack, and all previous articles that you wish you had read are available to subscribers there

I no longer wish to recieve emails, how can i unsubscribe

It's a shame to see you go! Any email you have recieved from us has an unsubscribe button in the footer, you can press it at any time, or alternatively use the contact form below to ask to be removed from our mailing list.

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