Free Facebook Mini Game @ Home 

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Game: Free Facebook Mini Game @ Home Escape Room Experience.

Players: Unlimited.

Dedicated Game Master: No
Age: 8+ if playing with family 
Time: 20-40 Minutes
Difficulty: 3/10

How To Play: Simply send us a message on our Swansea Facebook Page to start the game automatically.

This is a fantastic game you can play at home, solo or with a group of friends. Work your way through the exciting and fiendish puzzles to try and complete them all.

Game Description:

You are on the trail of an unknown assassin. You have been given intel on thier first location and as you follow him you find a series of clues left behind. Your mission is to find thier name and hometown to crack the case!

This game is free to play.

No printer required, just an internet connection!

1. No printer required! 
2. Play on Laptop, tablet or phone 
3. Communicate with your team via Zoom, WhatsApp etc....

Please Note: An internet connection of at least 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps (up/down) is required to play our games.